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Well I'm writing to see if anyone knows of any places for help in getting Christmas gifts for my children and my boyfriends children.  Currently I am unemployed and on a waiting list (six months or more was what I was told last time I called) to get childcare for our 3 year old and my boyfriends 10 year old from a previous relationship.  His daughter lives with us full time but we do not receive any help from her mother in supporting her.  My boyfriend works full time but as we live paycheck to paycheck and our rent was recently up to $1000.00 a month so we can't save up to move to a place that might be cheaper and I can't afford to work without assistance with childcare.  Basicly it comes down to having a place to live, food or christmas gifts this year.  I know there are programs out there to help I'm just not sure about how to find them since I myself have never had to use them before.  When I go to any of the sites or searches it just keeps giving me information on how to donate.  Any way any help would be appreciated.  I'm looking for gifts for a 3 year old girl, 10 year old girl, and 14 year old boy.  Thanks for the help and happy holidays.

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